Advanced skin texture treatments

Technology in the service of beauty

Developing effective and safe anti-aging solutions requires advanced research and an understanding of aging processes. This understanding now allows us to treat the causes of aging, rather than its outcomes, thus offering appropriate solutions for a natural-looking face which preserves facial traits.

The processes of aging are characterized by loss of facial volume, a decrease in the skin's elasticity and thickness, as well as the appearance of spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. In order to attain satisfactory results, we must, therefore, address both the skin's texture and the recovery of lost volume. Many medical device companies specialize in developing advanced technological solutions for a vast range of aesthetic and anti-aging indications.

A number of technologies intended to treat the skin's aging process and its restoration are based on different types of electromagnetic radiation: laser, radio waves, and light beams. An impressive innovation in this field are devices intended to treat the skin's texture without damaging or peeling the skin's top layer. At the base of these technologies is the reconstruction of the collagen and elastin. These methods are effective for treating sensitive areas such as the neck, eyelids, and cleavage. This type of treatments is characterized by an outstanding safety profile. They are painless, they produce natural results with no recovery time, and can be performed year-round on all skin types and shades.

This innovative approach, which combines revolutionary skin reconstruction technologies with advanced fillers, offers a comprehensive solution for the effects of age and of the environment, and to attain natural-looking, lasting results.

 What can we do with these technologies?

Treating couperose and capillaries

Treating pigmentation and sun spots on the face, cleavage, and hands

Rejuvenating hands

Treating acne spots and scars

Removing tattoos

Treating stretch marks and loose skin

Skin reconstruction and preservation

Combining devices and substances to nourish the skin and add moisture