Radiesse by Merz

Advanced facial sculpting

Radiesse is a natural filler based on calcium and cellulose beads. It is used to bring back volume lost over the years, to lift the face, to emphasize and accentuate facial traits (cheeks, jawline, chin, nose). Thanks to its unique structure, Radiesse provides immediate shaping and lifting results (what you see is what you get), alongside a continuous improvement in the skin's texture thanks to its collagen-producing effect. Results last longer compared to other natural fillers.

Radiesse is considered one of the safest and most-studied fillers. It has been available for 16 years and has been approved for use by the CE, the FDA, and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

A young and healthy skin contains collagen, which gives it volume, elasticity, and firmness. As part of the inevitable aging processes, the skin's natural collagen tissue becomes thinner. The loss of elasticity and volume causes wrinkles, loose skin, and a drop in the skin's outline. Radiesse promotes collagen generation in a process lasting up to 18 months from its injection, thus improving both the skin's texture and the overall appearance of the face.

Radiesse is a very unique filler due to its triple effect: immediate volume, lifting and toning effect, and restoration of the skin's texture.

Radiesse is made with lidocaine, a local numbing agent for a less painful injection.