Before We Begin

Ten Tips for Aesthetic Consumer Choices

You must accept a certain degree of change in your face and body over the years. You can't really go back twenty years, nor should you!  Misguided attempts will only harm your appearance.

Injections and preventive medicine are not the same, don't let a cash-hungry industry intimidate you into getting Botox at the age of twenty. This is how some people make their living!

Do not go chasing the cheapest offer, it'll end up costing you much more! There are many products on the market, some are high quality, approved formulas, others aren't. There are many "injectors" in this industry, some aren't even doctors. Sometimes this can end with tears...

At some clinics, consulting is done by a doctors, at others by a beauty consultant. Either way, make sure you talk to a doctor who will be performing the procedure on you, ask them all the technical questions, get a first hand impression, and always trust your gut feeling!

Dr Google doesn't know what's best for you, nor will he perform the procedure! Talk to a doctor, lay out your wishes before them, listen to their advice, and ask all questions which pertain to your situation.

If, when asking about side effects and complications, you are given the answer: "No side effects, no complications, no pain" - it's time to get up and run.  There is no treatment or substance in the world which has no side effects.

You should realize that nothing will "last forever"; don't agree to injecting/inserting any permanent substance into your face! Their complications are permanent, but the results aren't, because our faces are constantly aging.

Make sure you inquire on which substance was chosen for your injections, and ask why that substance in particular was chosen. Each filler syringe comes with a set of labels indicating the name of the product, its catalog number and batch number. Make sure you are given those labels and keep them for future reference.

Less is more! Excess volume distorts our appearance and may make us look pathetic. A complete paralysis of our facial expressions will make us look frozen. Sometimes it's best to leave some of the smile...

Don't let judgemental, didactic statements, such as "I've earned my wrinkles", make you feel bad. You've earned yours, too. Wanting to take care of your aesthetics doesn't make you superficial.