Ultherapy by Merz

Non surgical lifting & firming

Ulthera is the new generation of energy-based technologies meant to improve appearance using anatomical lifting and firming without surgical intervention. The Ulthera technology is based on sound waves (ultrasound) which penetrate deep-tissue muscle envelopes and are focused using ultrasound imaging. This allows for maximum safety alongside outstanding efficacy. In fact, in response to the treatment, 42% new, elastic collagen is formed in the muscle envelope layer (the same layer which allows to carry out an effective lifting and firming during a surgical facelift - SMAS). This is the only device of its type in the world which has been approved by the FDA for nonsurgical lifting and firming of the jawline, neck, eye and eyebrow areas.

This technology is noninvasive, radiation-free, does not entail a visible recovery process, and requires just one single treatment. Treatment is not limited by skin types or the time of the year, nor does it require any skin preparation before the treatment.