Belotero by Merz

A unique hyaluronic acid

What is the Belotero® Product Series?

The premium-quality product series Belotero® includes a range of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, made using a unique technology which guarantees optimal integration with the skin, and a uniform, natural-looking end result which does not change facial expressions or affect natural movement. This series also includes a broad range of substances which differ in their physical characteristics, allowing us to treat different needs in different body parts, in a variety of patients which different skin properties.

The Belotero® series includes products with a range of viscosity and elasticity: Belotero Soft, Belotero Balance, Belotero Intense, Belotero Volume, as well as Belotero Hydro for skin rejuvenation.

All fillers are made with lidocaine, a numbing substance just like the one used by dentists for a comfortable injection that isn't painful. All substances have undergone strict safety and efficacy tests, which have been demonstrated in multiple clinical trials and approved as safe.

Belotero Balance is, without a doubt, a substance which merits special consideration. The Balance product is a specially-structured hyaluronic acid. True to its name, it is especially balanced, providing a natural result and natural movement in particularly challenging treatment areas. The Balance product gives optimal results in the annoying, under-eye sunken area, which is a very difficult area to treat since the skin in that area is very thin and sensitive and because it has a natural dentency for edema. Balance is also excellent for lips and their surrounding tissue. It has even been approved for use by the FDA.